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Chequamegon 40

Some compete in the headliner event for the chance to be called champion. But most are in it for the adventure and personal challenge.

Course Description

The Chequamegon 40 travels from downtown Hayward, WI over the famed American Birkebeiner Ski Trail and along picturesque trails of varying terrain finishing at the Great Hall in Cable, WI.

Cut-Off Times

For the safety of our volunteers and our riders, cut-off times have been added to various checkpoints. If you do not make the cut-off time, your number will be pulled and you can choose to be transported via sag vehicle to the finish or ride a short-cut route (after you sign a waiver.) Additionally, any finish time after 6 hours (4:00PM) will be listed as a DNF.

  • 2:30 PM – Aid Station 3 Lk Helane Rd
  • 3:00 PM – Aid Station 4 Highpoint
  • 6 HR Time Limit to complete the 40 mile course (4:00 PM)

Course Safety

For the safety of all riders, please follow these rollout safety tips:

  • Ride in control at all times
  • Hold a steady and secure position until you hit the dirt
  • Move with caution, each move you make in a mass start rollout impacts fellow riders
  • Do not try to jump ahead of riders in the rollout
  • Never leave the pavement
  • Be aware of changing positions and paces of fellow riders
  • Call out to others and announce your intentions when noticing change of pace, hidden hazard or any other pack dynamic that may impact the group

Start Gate Information

Coral Placement

Please let us know your best overall place from 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 edition of the Chequamegon 40, as this will determine your corral placement in 2021. Riders without past Chequamegon event results and who did not provide a race resume for consideration will by default be placed in the last start gate. The decision of the race officials is final. After you receive your start gate confirmation email up until September 1, you may request a gate review by email Peter Spencer at

Gate 1 Male 1-200 : Female 1-450 
Gate 2 Male 201-450 : Female 451-750 
Gate 3 Male 451-700 : Female 751-1000 
Gate 4 Male 701-1000 : Female 1001-1250 
Gate 5 Male 1001-1300 : Female 1251-1450 
Gate 6 Male 1301-1600 : Female 1451-1600 
Gate 7 Male/Female 1600 and up OR NEW PARTICIPAN

Start Gate Time Splits for the Chequamegon 40

12:30pm – Women’s Start
1:00pm Men’s Start
Age Class:

Please note, all age class participants will not be eligible for Pro/Elite awards, and all Pro/Elite participants will not be considered for age class awards.
Pro/Elite – To be considered for a Pro/Elite start, please contact Peter Spencer at

Placement in Gates

Each participant’s start gate will be indicated on their laminated handlebar number provided at bib pickup. You may not enter start gates with a lower number, however, you may enter a start gate with a higher number. Loading in assigned gates is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please show up early to load into your gate for best placement and to ensure you will get in your gate.

No Ghost Bikes Allowed at the Start Line, period.

Notification and request for reconsideration

Once start gate assignments have been made and you have been notified via confirmation email, you may request a further review for reassignment to another gate.
Requests for additional start gate review can be emailed to Peter Spencer prior to September 1.

Bib Pickup

Friday of Race Week

1:00pm – 8:00pm

Location: Cable, WI

Saturday of Race Week

7:00am – 9:30am

Location: Hayward Primary School gym on the west end of Main Street, near the start line.

Busing Info

Bike Drop Off Times:
Saturday 6:00am – 7:30am

Drop your bike off in your assigned gate corral
Number plate MUST be attached

See attached map

Need a Seat on the Bus?
If you’ve already registered for the Chequamegon 40 and would like a spot on the bus, please contact Cheq Registration Chief, Treva Worrel.


Saturday buses will be rolling on a continual basis on the times below
First bus leaves at 8:30am
Last bus leaves at 8:50am

Pick-up Location: Great Hall / Birkie Start Area

  • $10 fee per person

Event Awards

Champion’s Awards (Pro/Elite Division Male/Female)
• $10,000 cash prize purse
• Men’s: 1st $2,500 | 2nd $1,000 | 3rd $750 | 4th $500 | 5th $250
• Women’s: 1st $2,500 | 2nd $1,000 | 3rd $750 | 4th $500 | 5th $250
• Pro/Elite Division is not eligible for age class awards

Overall Awards
Top 3 men and women in the Chequamegon 40 will be recognized and receive an award.
• Overall award winners will be taken out of their age class
• Age Class participants are not eligible for Pro/Elite awards

Class Awards
• Age Class participants are not eligible for Pro/Elite awards
• Top 5 males and females in the following age groups will receive an award:

Competition Classes for Males & Females
• 14 – 29
• 30 – 39
• 40 – 44
• 50 – 59
• 60 – 69
• 70+

Single Speed
Top 5 overall males and females receive an award.

Fat Bike
Top 5 overall males and females receive an award.

Top 5 overall teams receive an award.

Participant Award
Each participant will receive a Chequamegon MTB Festival T-shirt

Spectator Info

Rosie’s Field: 2 miles from the start
A great place to watch as the early drama of the lead riders develops over the irregular, rough-mowed field. To watch from Rosie’s Field, you must get there before the start of the race and park in the Fish Hatchery Park lot that is accessible from Highway 77 East at Fish Hatchery Road. Please respect the private property easement and do not drive your vehicle into Rosie’s Field. Pet owners must hold dog’s leashed at all times for the safety of the riders.

“OO” and Birke Trail: 15.92 miles from the start
Drive north of the start in Hayward on Highway 63. In Seeley, take Cty “OO” east to the American Birkebeiner ski trail crossing. Park on the north side of “OO” in the large lot. You can watch or provide racer support on the north or south side of the trail. Exit the area via Cty “OO” west back to Seeley.

Janet Road & Snowmobile Trail 71: 17.02 miles from the start
Off Cty Hwy “OO” in Seeley, take Janet Road north to the intersection of the race course on Snowmobile Trail 77. Janet Road is marked as ‘Road Closed Ahead’ and the intersection is closed to vehicle traffic.

Boedecker & Winding Pine Trail: 20.14 miles from the start
Drive north of Seeley on Highway 63 and turn east on Northern Lights Road, the first road north of Seeley on the east side of 63. Proceed 100 yards east to the T-intersection with Boedecker Road. Boedecker should be marked with a ‘Road Closed Ahead’ sign. Turn left onto Boedecker and follow the gravel forest road to Snowmobile Trail 22-Winding Pine Trail intersection. Here you will see the Chequamegon 40 course entering Boedecker from the south, your right, after they ride through Martel’s Pot Hole. The riders will turn right onto Boedecker and ride east to Telemark Road. This is noted by CAMBA land marker S-6 on the north side of Boedecker. Park safely on Boedecker, west of the race-course crossing, and please do not drive your vehicle on the race course.

Winding Pine Trail & Birke Trail: 31.35 miles from the start
This spot is noted by the CAMBA land marker S-6 and is accessible if you walk or ride your bicycle north on the Winding Pine Trail. Walk to the intersection with the American Birkebeiner Ski Trail at CAMBA land marker S-7. Personal vehicles are not allowed on this trail. Return via foot or bicycle to your car at Boedecker and proceed to the finish line via Highway 63 and Cty Hwy M in Cable at Telemark Resort

Map – Click here for a map of spectator viewing locations and our rider support guide.

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